Although your wedding is a time of romance and love, it is also a religious experience. Each religion has a specific meaning and places a certain emphasis on the union between two individuals. With this in mind, a lot of couples feel the need to represent their religion, during their wedding. Although there are several different ways to make this happen, many will use votive candles and votive candle holders to create a place, where guests will be able to give their offering. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn all there is to know about these candle holders.

What are these candle holders?

Although these candle holders are commonly used for religious purposes, they do not actually have to be used in this manner. These candle holders are designed to be used with specific candles, which are referred to as votive candles. Typically, these holders are actually very thick and they are normally designed with some similar commonalities. The holders are generally round and tall enough for the candle to fit inside completely. Once the candle has been placed into the holder, the flame will not be able to escape, which is certainly a benefit.

Different Varieties

When you begin exploring the available votive candle holders, you will see that there are actually a number of different varieties. Although the vases work in a similar manner, they each offer a unique appearance. Obviously, your final decision will be a personal one. With this in mind, it is helpful to make sure that you know the specific holders that are available to you. Below, you will be able to discover the various types.

• Basic – The basic candle holder is just that. It is just round and doesn’t exhibit any unique appearance. In fact, it resembles a shot glass very closely.
• Trapezoid – The trapezoid candle holders are a little bit different. They’re not round and are actually square. Typically, the bottom is a little thinner than the top, which is wider.
• Round – Finally, there are round candle holders. These holders are normally a little shorter than the others and are more circular.
• Hobnail – These candle holders can be made like any of the above designs, but they’re fitted with hobnails. These are small bumps, which extend out of the glass, for added effect.

Although these are the different types of votive candle holders, the differentials do not end there. They can also be created with a variety of intricate designs and are available in many different colors.

What To Know When Buying

Before you attempt to purchase the votive candle holders for your wedding, it is vital to know exactly what you need and want. First and foremost, you need to know exactly how you’re going to be using the candle holders. Some engaged couples are going to be interested in decorating each of their tables, while others will only want to decorate a centerpiece. Basically, you should make your determination and make an estimation for the specific number of candle holders needed.

Next, you’ll need to take the time to explore the various types of wedding themes. Hopefully, you already have a good idea of what you want, at this point. Once you’ve gotten your wedding theme confirmed, you’ll be able to quickly choose candle holders that will match your selection. Since these holders are available in various colors, you will also want to match your selection to your color scheme.

Basic Tips for Success

Truthfully, it is very easy to use these candle holders to beautify your wedding. However, there are some specific tips, which can be incorporated to make the process a little easier. Below, you will find tips that should not be ignored.

• Don’t Be Afraid To Overspend – Honestly, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you shouldn’t be afraid to overspend! If you find an astoundingly beautiful candle holder, you should definitely purchase it and incorporate it in your wedding’s décor.
• Rehearse At Home – Once you’ve gotten your candle holders, you shouldn’t hesitate to rehearse at home. Set up your display and light the candles. This will allow you to see exactly how the arrangement will look, once the flame has been lit. Be sure to readjust and make corrections, until the display is up to par.
• Try Different Colors – Since these items are relatively inexpensive, you will definitely want to consider purchasing several different colors. Although you should remain true to your color scheme, experimentation is always helpful
• Use With Similar Vases – Sometimes, it is very beautiful to display a few candle holders together with some vases. As long as they look similar, they’ll be able to enhance one another’s appearance. Use several different sizes for a cool look.
• Consider Thicker Glass – Some of these holders are made with much thicker glass. Although this might increase the price a little, it will certainly improve the holder’s overall durability and longevity. The extra durability will help to prevent the holder from breaking from a drop.

You should also remember to check out the current wedding trends to discover new ways to use votive candle holders. Stealing the ideas is acceptable, but you should also thinking about stealing little pieces and incorporating them into your own decoration. Use the inspiration of others to inspire you!
Buy or Rent

When attempting to choose your candle holders, you will need to take a step back and look at your specific needs, desires and ultimately, your budget. How much money are you willing to spend on these items and how much effort are you willing to put into the search? Suffice to say, many couples will find it easier to rent all of their decorations, including their votive candle holders, from a rental company. This has a number of benefits and can be a little less expensive. Also, you will not have to worry about dealing with the decorations, once the wedding is over.

Of course, the holders aren’t very expensive and won’t place a major dent in your budget. At the same time, these holders can actually be very useful, if you own them! You’ll be able to save a few and use them as a family heirloom. On the other hand, you should consider passing these onto to your wedding guests, as favors. Each option should be considered, before making a final decision.

Consider Personalization

If you want to do something unique with your votive candle holders, you will want to consider adding a little personalization. There are a variety of companies, which allow consumers to create their very own candle holders. When purchasing holders in this manner, your options will be plentiful! First, you’ll have the option of changing the color. Most companies offer a variety of different colors from clear to black, blue and even cyan.

Of course, the most charming aspect of personalization is having the ability to place your very own phrase or logo on the candle. Depending on the company that you do business with, you’ll be able to adjust the font, before you select the words and phrases you want sprawled across the holder. Be sure to choose a memorable and inspirational phrase that means something to you and your significant other.

Using The Holders As Favors

The wedding favors are extremely important and will help you show your guests that you appreciate and love them! Therefore, it is essential to make sure that you give your guests some awesome favors that they’ll enjoy! Although candies and alcohol are always a good option, these things will be consumed nearly instantly and forgotten. Therefore, you should consider using your votive candle holders, as your wedding’s favors.

In order to do this, you will want to make sure that the holders are beautiful and attractive. Although it is possible to use the holders with candles, this isn’t necessarily. Instead, you could use them for all types of decorations, including potted plants. Your guests will enjoy this type of favor very much. At the same time, you shouldn’t be afraid to give them the holder and the candle. They’re relatively inexpensive and your guests will likely actually use the candle. If they do not, they can always take the candle out and use the candle holder, as a shot glass!

Unscented Votive Candle

Most Christians prefer the unscented votive candle, because it is more suitable. This is a replica of the traditional candle that has been utilized in weddings for many centuries. They are very inexpensive and can be purchased, as a bulk order. These are the perfect candles for any wedding, since they are clean burning and will not leave an after scent of smoke.

Dry Lentils

There are no rules, when it comes to decorating votive candle holders. In fact, you can pretty much incorporate any food item, in your kitchen into the wedding décor. Dry lentils are a popular decorating item, because they are available innumerable colors, shapes, and sizes. Of course, the pinto bean would not be appropriate for a wedding, but the black-eyed and green peas will work perfectly.

There are several ways that you can envelop the dry lentil into decorating the votive candle. You will need clear, glass votive candle holders, adhesive, and lentils for this project. Spray the adhesive over the bottom and half way up the sides of the holder in a circular motion. You may need to draw a line around the center of the holder, so that the outcome looks uniformed. Pour the lentils into a bowl and roll the wet holder into them, until the entire area is covered. If there are any empty spots, you may have to use a pasty adhesive, instead of the spray formula and glue each lentil onto the glass individually. The lentil decorated  candle holder will look amazing on any buffet table.

Another great idea is to pour the lentils into a clear candle holder, half way full and then place the votive candle into the mixture. This will also be a very eye appealing decoration that will draw attention.

Red lentils will also add a bit of color to the décor, but make sure that you stick within the color scheme.

Decorating Your Wedding Arch

Your wedding arch is going to be the main focal point of most photographs taken at your wedding. Not only can you decorate your arch with garlands, flowers, or string lights, but you can also incorporate the votive candle holder into the overall decor.

You can rent the wedding arch from a bridal shop that is equipped with votive candle holders. These metal arches will need to be decorated properly, in order to make them fit into the wedding. Utilize flowers, sashes, and greenery, so that the metal is concealed from view. Stick with the wedding theme and color scheme, when constructing this display.

Set your unique wedding arch up outside, so that your guests can also take advantage of the display, by utilizing it as a photo backdrop. Be sure to light the votive candles at dusk, so the atmosphere will be illuminated perfectly.

Glitter Votive Candle holders

If you want to give the candle holders a little extra zest, then there is no better way to do that than by giving them a glitter makeover. The best thing about this process is it is cost efficient, simple, and customizable, since you can add you own creative ideas. To create a glitter votive candle holder you just basically take a candle holder, spray it with adhesive, and sprinkle glitter all over it. It is very important to make sure that you cover every inch of the candle holder with glitter even the inside of the glass. After you have done this you will just simply let the candle holder dry and place a candle inside.

You can utilize these glitzy creations, as a wedding décor, centerpiece, and for lighting purposes. Arrange them in a unique pattern on a reception or buffet table. The glitter votive candle holder will beam enough light for any formal occasion.

Silver Rhinestone

The traditional votive candle holder is truly not that glamorous, but there are no laws that say that you cannot add a bit of decoration to the holder. There are many different arts & craft accessories that you can use to add pizzazz to that original votive candle holder.

Wrap the candle holder with a suitable cloth ribbon, silver rhinestone, burlap, and leaves. While you will be forced to stay within the color scheme and wedding theme, you will be able to utilize most of these accessories. The silver rhinestone will add the bling that those original holders will need, if you want them to stick out and draw attention.

Sit the silver rhinestone candle holders on a mirror and place it in the center of the reception tables. The candle flame will reflect off of the mirror and rhinestone, so that it attracts your guests’ attention.

Create Hanging Votive Candle holders
If you are hosting a backyard wedding or one outdoors, there is nothing that is going to impress your guest more than hanging votive candle holders. This is a fairly simply process. Below, you will be able to find a list of a few things that you are going to need.
• Bell shaped votive holders. It is imperative that you use bell shaped votive holders otherwise this process will not work.
• Wire (20 or 22 gauge wire)
• Votive candles
• Scissors (If you are using 20 or 22 gauge wire, then regular kitchen scissors are going to work just fine)
The first thing you want to do is cut a couple of pieces of wire. You can make them about 24 inches long. These pieces of wire will be used to wrap around the candle holder. Once you wrap the wire around the circumference of the holder, you want to twist the two pieces of wire together several times. Now, you can cut the remaining strands left. So basically now you are left with your candle holder and a piece of wire nicely secured to the bell shaped part of the holder.
You are now going to make the wire that will actually hold the candle holder. Remember to make this piece of wire as long as you want. It really just depends on where and how far you want the candle holder to hang down. So once you have your wire cut to length take one end of it a loop it under the wire that is already attached to the candle holder. You will now twist this wire in the same manner that you did when you attached the first piece of wire to the candle holder. After you have done this to both ends of the wire, you are complete. If you want to add a little extra special touch, then you can even tie ribbons around the candle holder. Not only will this add a little extra pep, but it will also help hide the wire.

Small Floral Arrangements

When attempting to decorate the tables all around your venue, it is vital to consider the vase! It is imperative to have a beautiful vase, in order to pull the display together. Obviously, the size of the vase will play a major role in your future decisions. However, it is possible to create some very cute and adorable smaller floral arrangements, by using tiny vases, such as votive candle holders!

With these holders, it is possible to create some beautiful flower displays, which can be used to decorate your wedding’s venue. You’ll need a little bit of soil and some small flowers, but the effort will be worth it. Once everything has been situated perfectly, you’ll be able to place these vases on each of the tables in your venue. Of course, you should also think about giving these out, as favors, once the wedding has ended!

Cylinder Candle

If you are looking for a unique candle holder that will be suitable for your votive candle, you should consider the cylinder candle. Of course, you will have to do a little cutting and carving, but you should be able to pull this off, without difficulty.

Take the cylinder candle and cut out an area in the center that is large enough to hold the entire votive candle. It will actually take a very large candle with a diameter of around 6-7”, because the candle will have a top diameter of 1-1 ½”. Just be aware that you are removing the wick from the cylinder candle, so you will never be able to burn it, but you can replace the votive candle, as often as needed.

There are many different cylinder candle designs to choose from, so you will have no difficulties finding something that is appropriate for you wedding event. The floral, butterfly, or a solid colored design can be used for this project. You can wrap the candle with burlap or lace to add an elegant appearance and romantic ambience to the reception hall.

Adding a Rustic Touch

If you are looking to add a little rustic appearance to your special day, then this next project will be great for you. By using natural elements indoors, you will be making the space cozy and very inviting. Here is a list of things that you are going to need:

• Flat sided candle holders
• Multi-purpose craft glue (wood and glass)
• Pruners and sticks

You want to begin by washing you candle holder with soap and water. This will clean the surface and prepare it for glue. You now want to take your sticks and trim them to around the same height as the candle holder. Keep in mind that you do not want to cut them all the same size. You will end up with a much better look, if they vary in size just a little bit. You are now ready to glue the sticks to the side of the candle holder. Just simply dab glue on the part of the stick that will touch the candle holder. When attaching the stick to the holder you want to make sure you hold it firmly in place for a few seconds to give the glue time to set. You will basically repeat this same process until the entire holder is covered with sticks.

Your votive candle holders are now complete and have a rustic appearance that will bring warmth to any table.

Different Uses and Water Beads

Remember that these holders do not necessarily have to be used for candles! It is possible to use them for some unique and creative purposes. For instance, you can consider filling them with water and creating a cool decoration with water beads. These beads are available in various colors and they’ll help you create something modern and unique! Decorating the outside of the votive candle holder will bring the viewer’s eye to the arrangement. Make sure to experiment a lot, before you finally confirm the final look of the decoration. Looking at the ideas of others online will give you ideas, motivation and inspiration.

Candle Rings

There is nothing more charming than a floral candle ring. If you choose to develop this work of art into your overall wedding theme, you will find a limitless selection to choose from. The candle ring is basically a strand of flowers that are shaped into a circular configuration. The votive candle holder will sit perfectly into the center of the floral ring. This décor will save you a lot of grief, because you will not be forced to decorate the candle holder. A clear holder will work very well for this display, because the flowers will be snug tight and conceal most of the holder from view.

The creamy, white lily, rose candle holder is a very popular wedding décor. In fact, couples around the globe are enveloping this romantic centerpiece into their weddings. You can set the candle ring and votive candle holder on top of a round mirror, which will look outstanding on any guest table.

There are some candle rings that do not have a round circular shape, instead they are rectangular, but the votive candle can sit in the center, just like the round ring. These will be more suitable for long banquet tables, because they will make everything appear more coordinated.

If you want the candle to be more visible, you can place a flat bottom dish upside down, into the center of the floral ring. This will make a platform for the votive candle holder, so it will not be hid from view. Everyone will definitely be intrigued, by your personal creations.


When decorating your wedding, it is essential to consider using an assortment of different decorations. Votive candle holders are very beautiful, affordable and versatile! Be sure to consider adding these items to your wedding’s décor, in order to create a modern decoration that will stun all of your guests! Before your wedding, you should remember to set up the arrangement in your home and see how it looks. At the same time, looking online can be very helpful and allow you to come up with a whole bunch of new ideas! Incorporating the successful ideas of other weddings into yours is always recommended and will ensure that your decorations cannot fail!